The beginning of the school year, beginning of new term, beginning of a new life.

Like phoenix many students rises from the ashes of their past lives promising to themselves to lead a life of better choices. Likewise all the members of the student unions board seem to be eager to make this semester better than the last one. This first month is our kickstart to the year!

This semester has started with a huge student card mosh pit. Like usually we have worked our butts off to recruit new students join this union. Info stands and info-shows have been our everyday life now for two weeks. Gladly that’s over for now. Still we aim to keep the old members and gain new ones as much as possible. You students are the ones that make this all possible!

My work has involved coordinating incoming exchange student affairs. It’s been a lovely headache dealing their prepaid sim cards, all the email exchange with tutors and students. I cannot wait to get to know all these guys from around the world! I’ve been to Otokylä few times but haven’t got the courage yet to enter the A-building. Next time when I go there, I will do it, slay the international 150 headed hydra!

Tour d’Oulu is now past and Preludi ahead. The hard work pays off with a feeling of relief and joy of occasion success. Last minutes panic is on and I think my blood pressure is higher than ever J.


This is my haiku:

Exchange students!

What the hell is happening??!?!

Let’s go to sauna!

Yours truly, Noora Nousiainen<3

This is how my desk look right now at the Office… 


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