Life Beyond Routine

Winter is slowly sliding towards spring. Even the sun has decided to present itself and shed light on our busy days. This time of the year is famously a favourable time for new ideas, hobbies, and even new beginnings.

The post-darkness sun isn’t the only source of inspiration for this week’s blog post, though. OSAKO works in teams, and as I’m responsible for international events, I’m part of a team concentrating on students’ well-being. Students’ health care is obviously central to our work, but the concept of well-being extends beyond that; it’s also about possibilities for satisfying free time and being an active member of the society. Sometimes this requires new ideas, hobbies, and new beginnings. A well-being student is a student who feels good, not just a student who’s physically healthy.

Routine makes us feel comfortable and creates sense of security. Up to a certain point this is, of course,  a good thing. However, it is all too easy to stick to the routine, and never taking a step out of our comfort zone will make sure we never learn anything new, either. I’m not talking about skydiving or bungee jumping here, but simple little things, that we all can do every once in a while. Someone maybe hasn’t been ice skating for years, or there’s a restaurant right next door that you’ve never visited. Or maybe someone’s been planning to learn how to snowboard but never got around to do it.

Many of the activities we’ve organized for the international students have been new experiences for me, as well. Last week we took the students ice fishing, and even though this might not be as exotic for me as it is for some, it surely is something I hardly ever do, and therefore extremely refreshing.

Maybe in the future we should inform also the Finnish students better about these events. The next trip OSAKO will organize is a day trip to the SnowCastle on March 16th, and everyone’s more than welcome on board. And if anyone has any new ideas on how we could contribute to students’ well-being, we’d be very happy to hear your suggestions!


This year I won’t say

I will not do this and that

I will say hell yeah


Secretary of Cultural Affairs


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