Francesca Lia Block: Wasteland (2003)

 Arvio englanniksi, koska satuin tänään kirjoittamaan tästä kirjasta muualla, eikä kirjaa ole suomennettukaan.


Quick-to-read treat from Block.

Wasteland is a young adult contemporary book from popular American writer Francesca Lia Block. She has written many ya books which often have elements of magical realism or fantasy. In the center of Wasteland are teenage siblings Marina and Lex and Marina’s friend West. It’s a story of forbidden love; Marina and Lex seem to be oddly fond of each other and it puts them at unease. The language is beautiful and poetic, and I can see if someone finds the book a bit confusing because of it, but I think it was easy enough and very pretty. 

Story can be slightly hard to follow at times because it’s not linear but I recommend just reading on, you’ll catch it. I wanted to know more about Lex but because major portion of the story is told through Marina, Lex’s inner thoughts aren’t explored that much. The ending was too ”easy” in my opinion but all in all it was a wonderful, beautifully written little story about coming of age, love, relationships and struggling with feelings.

-Katja P. 


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