What is this thing called vappu?

The first of May seems to be on every student’s mind at this time of the year. For those of you who don’t yet know what all the fuss is about: May Day, Walpurgis night, 1st of May – or vappu, as we call it – is without a doubt the biggest student happening of the year, and also a national holiday.

On vappu we celebrate the workers and students. For many it also means the beginning of summer season; some visit their summer cottage for the first time after the winter and some throw their first barbeque party. You will be seeing balloons and paper streamers, kids (and maybe grown-ups, too) dressed in funny costumes, parades, live music, and probably some political speeches. People will be having picnics in the parks wearing their student caps, eating doughnuts and drinking sima. But as were are located 65 degrees north, a wise vappu-person prepares a plan B in case of rain and sleet.

However, it is not the actual vappu day that all the students are so excited about. All the biggest student parties take place the day before, April 30th, and the traditions vary from school to school. In Oulu UAS the celebrations begin with a checkpoint orienteering at 12 pm. The orienteering takes you and your team around Oulu, and on every checkpoint you gather points by performing different tasks. The orienteering ends at 6 pm, but only to give you few hours to get yourself ready for the party starting at 8 pm in Ainola park summer theatre. If you want to celebrate vappu the OUAS way, this is how you do it!


Have a fun, exciting and safe vappu!


This is the end of

all things dull, stressful, pressing

Switch summer mood on!

Tanja Vallo, Secretary of Cultural Affairs


PS. There’s something fun to do on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th, as well! Key words: barrel sauna and Otokylä. Check out the events on OSAKO’s website.


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