Challenge: 3 Germans learning Finnish

We – Julia, Philipp and Katharina – are German degree students from Neu-Ulm.

Approximately one year ago we decided to participate in the double degree program with OUAS so that Julia and Philipp (both BIT) will stay here for two and Katharina (DIB) for three semesters.

Three months ago we arrived here in Oulu and immediately were confronted with the Finnish language.

Of course, it was a real challenge to go shopping, to the swimming hall or out for eating or the cinema as nobody knew that we are no Finns until we explained our situation.

Nevertheless, we tried our best to communicate with others and as soon as the semester started also participated in the Basic Finnish course.

Thanks to Anne, we learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar so that we were able to introduce ourselves and greet others in Finnish.

Of course, we do not want to keep back our skills and therefore we wrote a short introduction of ourselves:



Meidät nimit ovat Julia, Philipp ja Katharina ja me asumme Oulussa nyt. Me olemme Saksalaisia ja opiskelemme Neu-Ulmssa.

Olemme 20, 20 ja 21 vuotta vanhoja.

Yleensä, Julia tykkää ratsastaa hevosella kotona.

Philipp rakastaa pelata jalkapalloa ja Katharina myös.

Me käymme uimahallissa.

Tykäämme Oulun tori poliisista ja yökerho Biskettistä.


For us it was quite demanding to learn the vocabulary as there are only few similarities to the German language. Nevertheless, we tried our best and were able to make some Finnish friends stun.

Now we are able to do our grocery shopping completely in Finnish and we also understand some scraps of conversations.

We are really satisfied to be no longer helpless in our temporary new home.

But not only the language became familiar also Oulu itself and our colleagues at OUAS.

We are really happy to having been so brave to make this step into a foreign country so that we do not regret anything.

In the last four months Oulu became a second home for us.


Kiitos to all our new friends and teachers

 Julia, Philipp & Katharina