Daily Archive: 14 helmikuun, 2014

My experience in Oulu!

At the first time when I came here to Oulu, I was really shocked about everything, about the weather, the price in the market and I did not know what I should buy or not… But, everything started to change when I went to school and met new friends who helped me a lot, the showed me which brand is good and cheap for student, they took me to Lild market and took me to around the city! I started get used to the price and everything. About the weather in Oulu, I came from the tropical country, to see snow here is really excited and new for me although the weather is not so good for me, because in winter the weather is so cold and dark, it make me feel lazy and sleepy, but in summer time, I have to say that it is very great time and very beautiful time of the year, I enjoyed the sun, went to the beach and joined to outdoor activities, it make me feel so great.

My experience about Finn, before I came here to Finland, my friend who studied here told me that Finn are quite shy and it is really hard for them to start the conversations with you. But everything is not as what I imagined the first friend of mine is Finn, and I can say that they are my really close friend, if you ask me how can it happen, I will answer that you have to start first and then you can talk for hours with them, they are really nice people and they are willing to help when you have problem or when you need help.

Finally is about the school! I don’t have any words to describe about it, everything is amazing, I love my school and my teachers always make me feel like I’m under pressure, so that I can study better, and if I have something don’t understand or have a problem in my life, they are willing to spend their time and talk to me, they try to find out the best way to help their student, they are a great teacher that I have ever met! Besides that, teacher use to give opportunities for student to develop teamwork skill through assignment, project… they always listen to student, and help them! For all the things that I say, I think Oulu is my second hometown and I love Oulu.

Vinh Le Quang BIT2SN