In the Library of Media and Performing Arts

In the Library of Media and Performing Arts

Students in the Library of Media and Performing Arts. Miguel, the author at left.

To see movies, to read, to listen to music has always been something I really love to do. In the library this is what I have found. The library of the cultural department is a place where you can find many amazing things. From a Chaplin movie to an article in the Piano International, a biography of your favorite violinist or pianist, an opera you would want to see on stage, or even a piece of music you always wanted to play. It is not a very big library but I advise you to look carefully and take some time to discover it. I promise you will feel like I always do, wishing to have the time to read all those books and see all those movies.

There are also some things other things you should know about. The library has a great movie room, equipped with a dvd player, a blu-ray reader, but most important, a very good sound system that really makes you enjoy whatever you are seeing. There is also, for having some fun with friends, a game room, where you can play some playstation and beat them in a NHL or Fifa game. If you like, you can also do some rock band or singstar, do not worry about the noise behind this door.

I must mention one thing of this library that really was unexpected. The fact that they give away, to whoever take it first, the things they do not want any more. There is a small shelf where you can find this things, and thanks to that, I now own some things that I would not have been  able to buy. Thanks a lot.  

I am student of the music department and these are the things I can tell you about the library. I hope you go there and find your own precious things.

I also would like to share my opinion in another matter, still concerning about the library. The personnel that works there are sensational and they really care about the library! Do not be shy about asking anything you need, they will help you find it with a smile on there face.

This post was written by  Miguel Duarte Albuquerque, a music student in Oulu UAS and a frequent user of Library of Media and Performin Arts. Thank you Miguel and see you soon! 🙂

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