International tutors = support and guidance


OSAKO’s training for new international tutors took place on Tuesday and Thursday this week. The days were packed with information about dormitory services, study diaries, university sports, principles and practices of tutoring, student union, study credits… The actual work of international tutors is, however, just beginning.

Absorbing information.

 What are the international tutors for? One of the trainees said it in a simple, yet comprehensive way: support and guidance.

Support and guidance can take many forms. It’s about handling apartment keys, showing the way to school, answering questions. It’s about meeting people as they are, and most importantly, it’s about caring.

The trainees discussed in groups how to deal with difficult situations.
In the panel discussion three international students, Jeveen, Phil and Myrthe, shared their experiences.
International tutor is many times the first person a new international student meets in Oulu. Therefore, tutors are also ambassadors of student union OSAKO and Oulu UAS. Besides knowledge about how things work, it also requires ability to present the information clearly.

Anne Ålander gave some useful tips about performing in front of an audience. Some of the trainees helped her to demonstrate what not to do.

OSAKO wishes to thank all the guest speakers who shared their knowledge and experience with the new tutors. And thank you, new international tutors, for taking the interest in this valuable work!

Instead of a haiku, I end my blog post with a photo:

 Tanja Vallo, Secretary of Cultural Affairs


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