Meet Blair Stevenson

Hi everybody! I’m Blair Stevenson and I am currently working both at the Kultuurialan osasto and AMOK and my primary role is running the EduLAB. I am originally from Canada, but have been based in Oulu for roughly 15 years. Oulu on minun kotini! By background is an a teacher educator and manager of an international education consulting firm. Increasingly over the last 5 years, I have become involved in work that brings together innovation, pedagogy and entrepreneurship.



I am principally involved in the EduLAB program at Oamk. I also teach the Basics of Educational Sciences course for the AMOK EduLAB vocational teacher education group. I am also acting coordinator of the Oamk LAB research group and the Working Group for Video Pedagogy centred at AMOK.



Here is an image of me with some of the Oamk LAB team from the Departments of Culture, Engineering and Social and Health. This particular group is supporting the Oamk Labdev project that is supporting the expansion of the LAB studio model of teaching at Oamk.



Here is a screenshot from one of my adobe connect teaching sessions for AMOK. Specifically, I teach most of my sessions using Adobe Connect since many of the EduLAB AMOK students are located around Finland and internationally. I am also often creating video productions for my teaching and create webinars with our international partners.


I am also a Board member of the Media and Learning Association based in Belgium. I recently travelled to Leuven for 2 days to participate in a board meeting. I facilitate a monthly webinar hosted by this organization around the topic of video in higher education. We are also planning the next Media and Learning Association conference that will be held in Brussels on March 9 – 11, 2016. Read more about the Association: