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Do you think about going abroad? But you have no idea where to go?

Maybe we can help you with this article to make a decision. We will tell you about our home university in Germany, the university of applied sciences in Neu-Ulm.

Neu-Ulm is a city in Bavaria with round about 50.000 inhabitants, but the city is next to the city Ulm, which has round about 120.000 inhabitants. There is a pretty good infrastructure, good public transports, many clubs, bars and shopping centres. And they also have the highest church tower in the world. Furthermore, there is a beautiful lake 10 minutes away from the university. We spend there a lot of time during summer. In Germany, we have a beautiful, hot and long summer time. The winters are quite warm, if you are used to the Finish winters.

But now time to introduce ourselves. We are Lisa and Johanna from Germany and we are currently making 2 semesters at your university the OAMK . We choose the university in Oulu, because our university in Neu-Ulm foster a good relationship with yours in Oulu. We also wanted to recommend that for Finish people there is a great reputation of German university’s and especially Bavarian schools.

Even at the first day in Oulu, we recognized soon, that the system is quite different than the system in Germany. We don’t have terms, like you have. We have whole semester, without any breaks. After a semester, which lasts 6 months, we have a very long break. And also the lectures are quite different. Students in Neu-Ulm do not have compulsory attendance and only exams at the end of a semester.

The building of our university is located at a beautiful park with a small lake. Also there are many sports places at the campus, for example a disc golf place, basketball place and also some trampolines. You can also do some outdoor fitness, with pre installed equipment. Furthermore, they offer a lot of different sports courses. Lisa took part in many soccer competitions and joined a local soccer club. We can recommend that, to get in touch with the local people. It is also a good exercise to improve your German language skills.

So do you want to have the best 6 month of your life?

Learn how to handle new situations?

Meet new people from all over the world?

And also learn a lot?

Then we think you should go to our home university in Neu-Ulm!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Johanna Ecke and Lisa Orner, double degree students

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