Innostarti event – City of Oulu

On Wednesday the 28th of November the innostarti event took place in the Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu, Teuvo Pakkalan kadun kampus for all the business students. The objective of the event is to increase creativity and community skills among sudents, to practice innovation methods and develop business instincts of students, to innovate novel business models a products and services for the commissioner. There were four commissioners on site; The city of Oulu, Osuuspankki, classic gym and Pohjois-Suomen Messut. In this article we will focus on the City of Oulu.

The day started at 8:30 where the students were handled their assignment and they had until 12:00 to finalize their work. An half-hour later the groups presented their findings to the jury and after the semi-final four groups could continue to the final. These groups were: group 1, group 6, group 9 and group 11.

Group 1 started with their presentation and introduced the audience to “Kiertopolku” which stands for “side path”. They are looking for ways to make sustainable solutions. Their slogan is “Bravely to a new future”.

Feedback: The jury liked the idea of the concept. They also liked the logo and slogan.

Group 6 told about their concept idea which was “Uusiopuisto”. They were inspired by the surrounding nature, which is an infinity loop, which explains their logo. Their slogan is “The pathfinder in circular economy”

Feedback:  The jury liked the logo and the name. They said they had the best slogan.

The ninth group showed us “Uusio”. Uusio is based on circular economy, locating something in a green place and investing in a sustainable future. Their goal is to create a synergetic future oriented community.

Feedback: The jury liked the idea of making a community, they also had a good slogan.

The last of the finalist were group 11, which invented KiiminEko. They wanted to focus on the locals in Oulu and make life sustainable.

After these presentations the jury took some time to make up their minds and after a few moments they came up with the winner. Which is Kiertopolku!

On behalf of the authors of this blog we would like to congratulate group 1 – Kiertopolku:  Alla Ageeva, Nada Abass, Mikko Seurujärvi, Katja Jussila, Erkka Pakanan


Written by Sander Klamer and Eline Ballemans









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