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Spring 2019: The best thing in Oamk

For exchange students enrolling in a study abroad program, they can experience a brand-new country with new outlooks and create new memory for their life. The incoming exchange students of Spring 2019 have completed their study or traineeship in Oamk. They were asked during the check-out meetings, what was the best thing in Oamk.

Devlab – I will miss you

Devlab students enjoyed their stay here and spoke highly of their exchange experience. Some of them gained startup experience and thus had a better understanding of entrepreneurship, some appreciated the ”Learning by doing” and ”plan ahead” pattern in devlab, which largely helped them improve their hands-on ability, presentation and pitching skills. Devlab made the amazing international team become a large international family.

  • Game LAB: fail fast, recover faster
  • OGL: The best thing I´ve ever experienced
  • Keep going with devlab please
  • Devlab feels like a family

Study – Teamwork is a dreamwork

In Oamk, ”small courses; assignments > exams; praxis oriented” pattern enjoyed high reputation among students, they had a lot of free time next to the studies and gathered useful practical experience. Different teaching systems, learning styles and thinking models between Finish and international students did not influence the atmosphere in the class, but on the contrary, contributed to their cooperation and collaboration.

Under the guidance of motivated teachers, ”unity in diversity” and ”teamwork is dreamwork” were born in the best international team.

Even sometimes there were debates, working in a multicultural and interdisciplinary group benefited every student. It can be noted that learning by doing, peer-review, feedback culture, weekly assignments instead of exams in the end seemed to be new and fresh for exchange students from other countries.

  • I like the group work. The teachers were very supporting when it was needed
  • I really appreciate the high level of courses provided with excellent professors
  • Teaching system; design thinking process; meeting international students
  • Hands-on experience was really cool

Soft skill Oamk helped me to grow

Among the exchange process, the soft skills of students were definitely improved, such as communication, critical thinking, leadership, positive attitude, teamwork, creativity, flexibility and adaptability.

The Oamk feedback culture taught them how to give and take feedback.

Adapting to a new environment helped them to be independent. A positive attitude led them to think as ”dream what you want, everything can be done”. Meeting new friends and doing group projects contributed to their communication and teamwork skills. Multicultural team provided opportunity to practice English and cultivate cultural awareness. Flexibility in courses and practical training also motivated creativity.

  • Huge communication skill improvement
  • Improved time management
  • Global outlook
  • Opportunity to expand

Lunch – Good and cheap choice

Student priced lunches at student canteens are very affordable and delightful and was mentioned most by exchange students, who were also entitled to this subsidy as degree students. The 1.11 EUR lunch was cheap but tasty, with different choice like vegetarian meals, salads as well as meat. Everyone loved it.

  • Cheap tasty lunches
  • Great lunch at cafeteria
  • Good and very cheap lunch
  • The food in the cantine (restaurant)

Friendship – Poor people but real people

Exchange is an opportunity to explore a new country and meet new friends. Oamk exchange students were also happy to share life experiences with other international students and also Finnish students. They shared with each other about different cultures, religions and food. They enjoyed various parties and outdoor activities and organized nice trips to Finland and Sweden. The Erasmus family broadened their view on the world and is going to take home global community!

  • My Erasmus was a very exciting experience from all the points of view: study, trips and friendship
  • Whole new experience; meet new friends, really nice place/weather
  • Now I have friends all over the world
  • At first having Finnish students as classmates was challenging…until they became family

Life – Step out of my comfort-zone

Finland is seen by exchange students as a kind, open, honest, and strong country. The northern lights, Santa Clause, bonfire and sausage, ice fishing, Husky safari and reindeer farm formed multicolored Finnish culture. Finnish food was also popular among exchange students, especially sweet pulla, which they learned to cook at the end of Finnish survival course. This lovely country left a good impression on students with its unique culture.

  • I liked the landscape when the sun is up
  • I have learned now how to love Finland and its people
  • Eat a lot of pulla
  • Northern lights and Aurora

 Ms. Yue Wen, Trainee, International Services

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