What the Food?!

What, what’s this? – Our restaurant!
Who? – International Team!
How? Team spirit!

What the Food?! is a one day international restaurant run by international students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. It’s an event that members of OSAKO international team created. The team wanted to have an event about international food, and made it happen! The restaurant is part of the international Restaurant Day.

What team? OSAKO International Team is made up with random students, both Finns and internationals that are interested in international affairs. Anything international, you name it! The team meets once a month and welcomes anyone interested to join!

The idea of the restaurant is that we will have a few tables where the students would sell their dishes. We got a good variety of food from different parts of the world. We got Vietnamese, we got Korean, we got Nigerian, we got Hungarian and we got Finnish. We’ve got mains and desserts, we’ve got it all!

Are you hungry yet? We will set the tables in and out of OSAKO’s office for you to sit down and enjoy the delicious food our students have prepared for you. Want to try it all? Do it! Just ask a small portion of each main and each dessert and you’ll get a taste-travel around the world!

What the Food?! is open on Saturday, May 17th at 11 am until 3 pm (or until we run out of food), at OSAKO’s office in Välkkylä, Kajaanintie 32 D 61. Welcome!

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Asta Ojala, member of the board, international affairs


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