Tietojenkäsittelyssä tapahtuu: Projects are soon ready

This semester Business Information Systems students and exchange students have to set up websites for local commissioners. Beside information, product pictures, the webpage also must contain a suitable animation. Therefore, students can use their newly learned skills in Adobe Animate.

Scheduling meetings whether remote and in person at school and keep up good communication throughout the whole progress is what we improve during this work. Moreover, getting used to project management tools like HacknPlan is a useful skill we train. The project is helpful preparation for future work life and can be used as personal work reference for job applications. In general, we broaden our knowledge in the commissioners work field.

In our case the project work is for the Oulu-based company HoneyBoy. It is a family-owned company which has their own beehives. When we visited the store in the city with our supervisor Minna Kamula, we learned a lot about the sustainable bee production and its ecological advantages. Since none of the members of our group did have any contact with honey other than enjoying it, we were closely listening to the story of this field of work. Additionally, the couple who owns the store in Oulu is planning on renting out one room for tourists which will also be represented on the new website.

The final outcome has to be presented to the supervisors, fellow students and website owners on the 18th of December. Until then we continue improving the features and the look of HoneyBoy´s Internet presence. After that day: Feel free to check out the result and the HoneyBoy store in the city centre of Oulu.


Visiting Honeyboy commissioners. In picture from left to right Agnes Eberhardt, Elise Laurila, Emma Määttälä and comissioners Mari and Jussi Tuokkola.



HoneyBoy products

Web pages will be published in http://www.honeyboy.fi/ you can also find information about the products in Honeyboy’s FaceBook pages.

Writer of the blog is Agnes Eberhardt an exchange student from Germany, studying now with TIK19SP group.

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