Innostart event

As you may know, Innostart took place again this year.

Innostart is an event for the first-year business students. This year, the event took place again the 28th of November in the university of Oulu University of Applied Sciences in the Teuvo Pakkalan Katu Campus. About 250 students divided in forty-four groups of five students have participated.

There were four companies participating at this event this year. The city of Oulu, the bank Osuuspankki, the Classic gym and the Fair of Northern Finland Pohjois-Suomen messut. There were eleven groups per case.

The event took place all day. In the morning, the students met the people in their groups chosen randomly before the event. At 8:30, the representatives from each cases gave their assignment to the groups. Until noon, the students had to work on this project.

Create a logo, a slogan and explain all the decision they made to carry out their case. During the afternoon, the groups presented their ideas above all others groups participating. At the end, each student had to vote with raised hand for the four best ideas of their case for the final.

The final lasted one hour, the four groups had to improve their ideas to win. It took place in a class with all the groups participating at their subject and the representatives of each cases. Everyone voted for the winner and theses latter receive a gift from the company.

We had the chance to sit in one of the case for the finale: the City of Oulu.

This event is about creating a logo, a slogan and ideas for a project for the city of Oulu. In fact, the municipality wants to build a recycle company in the middle of the parc Puisto in the forest at the Kiiminki district. This place is known has a good place to recycle products.

During the final, four groups were still in the contest. The groups 1, 6, 9 and 11. Each Group presented their ideas helped with a PowerPoint with differents views proper to each. They

deliberated and chose one group winner.

At the end, the representatives spoke to the students and thanks them for their participation.










Congratulations for the winners!


Charline Leclerc and Mickael Grandjean

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