Living in Student Accommodation

It can be quite tough to live in another country and function according to a different set of norms. It also involves certain responsibilities. Obviously, we have to adapt to the behaviour of the customs and expectations of the host country. This does not mean to deny our own cultures but to respect that of others.

As a student, sharing an accommodation can be a pleasant experience where we can get to make new friends and live peacefully through good communication and co-operation. However, it can also be a nightmare if your housemate does not abide by the rules and regulations. Since all the tenants have equal rights, each must bear in mind the cleanliness and hygiene of the property.

Other than that, what concerns me most is noise and disruption. Being a student, we give our full attention and time on studying. Noisy neighbours and housemates can be annoying, disruptive and hard to deal with. They can interfere with your sleeping, studying and daily life.

 I would strongly encourage all students to be considerate toward others who are trying to study, sleep or even just resting.

Khan Imran, BIT2SN

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